Sales Consulting

Many organisations don’t have the resources, time and knowhow to grow sales and marketing capabilities. While some others might have a sound idea but very little commercial experience and others are simply unsure about future growth direction.

About Sales Consulting

Our consulting services are aimed at facilitating organisations to grow their marketing and sales capabilities – the essential and key aspects of any thriving business.

Services are flexible, scalable to meet your specific requirements and range from adhoc advisory support to major sales improvement and transformation programmes.

We will work with you to determine a scope of work that best meets your requirements, to create the right sales culture, sales processes and sales tools needed to embed value at the centre of the sales function.

Importance of Sales Consulting for small & medium businesses

Often, organisations find themselves faced with challenges that a traditional approach simply cannot address.

In fact even large organisations will find that with so many options or choices for increasing sales, it can be difficult to know what to pinpoint and also having the experience to know where to start.

Simply put, you can’t sell on value unless the value you create—the economic impact it has on your customer’s business – is clearly understood internally.

Even the most capable salesforce cannot realise its potential, if it is not armed with relevant sales processes and sales tools to identify and quantify the value they create.

A sales consulting of certain standing, can bring a wealth of industry and career experience that can very quickly help understand and determine the greatest opportunities for revenue growth and create a strategic plan for achieving goals and a clear roadmap on how to move forward.

Our Sales Consulting is ideal for:

Ideal for specially small & medium business owners, its leaders in Sales, HR, Marketing and CXOs – who have identified the need for strategic change in the entire sales process at organisation level.

It may even be that the organisation is going through a restructuring process following a sale or purchase and needs a ‘360-degree view’ of its sales organisation with strategic advice on where to take the next steps in aligning with its objectives, goals and/or vision.

What sales consulting services do we offer?

Challenging clients every day to think differently and move from a transactional or commodity selling model to a more consultative or strategic approach to sales.

Provide support in strategic direction and business planning to a range of small and medium sized organisations in both commercial and third sector areas.

Developing and defining relevant Sales Strategies

A successful sales strategy clearly defines who, what, why, when, how you are going to sell.

  • Workshops to brainstorm and set direction
  • Practical Go-To-Market strategies
  • The development of sales strategy (and plans) & budgets
  • The communication of strategy – internal and external
  • Inspiring the sales force and gaining buy-in

Setting Up Sales Performance Management

  • Recruiting talented sales people
  • Sales Structure for optimization
  • Monitoring and managing the sales activities that shape and drive forward the activity of selling
  • Motivation of sales people to achieve their optimum potential.
  • Development of sales plans / sales budgets, targets & goals
  • Improving accuracy of sales forecasting
  • Sales Compensation – commissions & incentives
  • Managing sales performance
  • Accelerating sales force performance
  • Getting ‘non-sales people’ to sell
  • Making Sales experience fun and learning

Setting Up Sales Systems and Process

  • An effective sales processes can significantly grow sales and reduce the cost of sale.
  • Improving lead generation activity – Pre-Sales | Inside Sales
  • Preparing Sales Proposals
  • Developing Sales Aids & Sales Tools
  • Strengthening sales process
  • Enhancing the ‘customer journey’, Post Sales functions
  • Towards customer delight
  • Reputation Management – Online & Offline
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